Frequently Asked Questions

Yep! You also get rewards points for the signup.

All you will need is a referral code from any influencer or star. Download from Play Store/IOS store, use the referral code, enter your details.

Star Chat features include voice & video calls, real-time location, post selfies, photos, videos, video dubbing, secret chat integration, star chat story, star chat rewards, join live streams of your favorite star and lot more fun things can be done on Star Chat.

Each user can earn rewards for their social media activity i.e. likes, comments and views on the Star Chat.

Number of rewards will be set & mentioned in the rewards point section.

The reward points are to be used for different purposes within the Star Chat. More attractive and usable means will be further introduced with Star Chat including E-commerce, games, entertainment and fun activities with your favorite star.

Star Pages are exclusive pages given for Stars and Influencers based on their following on other social media platforms.

No, Star Pages will be approved to all those who are eligible.

The applicant requires a minimum of 5000 followers in other social media platforms line Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Once your submission for Star Page has been approved, you will be required to post the referral code on your social media for new users to join star chat. Once that's complete you will get reward points for each new user signed up using your referral code and followers! You’ll be able to see your earnings as we track. You get rewards for likes, views and comments received to your posts.

Number of rewards will be set & mentioned in the reward points sections. However, the more engagements (likes, comments, views, shares) your post receives, the more rewards you earn! Points earned can be viewed in the app.

No, there is no exclusive contract when joining Star Chat and you are free to work with other brands/platforms.

Stars & Influencers can post exclusive photos, videos on star chat to engage their followers.

Stars & Influencers can post any Images or videos of their choice but only exclusive star chat posts will be eligible to earn reward points.

You will be notified through your in-app notification and via email too. You can also view your submission status via the app! *Do ensure you've allowed Star Chat to push notifications on your mobile settings! **Brands do have up to 7 working days to approve/reject your submission of Star Chat.

The Star Page user has to transfer the received points to the Star Chat Admin in the last week of every month to cash out in the 1st week of next month. If the influencer misses out to transfer the points in the last of week of the month, he/she can transfer the points in the last week of consecutive month. The points received will be new ways to redeem the rewards being added continually to keep the redemption options refreshed for you. This offer is valid only for Indian residents. *withdrawals are subject to 2% of transaction fee.